By deeply relaxing and becoming conscious of our perception of the moment, students can begin to explore the awareness that is always present. By resting within this, it is possible to discover a natural state of being, free from the definitions of personal history, limited self image, and future projection.


Practice is the path we choose to walk in order to evolve.  We aim to practice and walk this path consciously, available to the emerging moment, committed to a direction that is aligned with our greatest intention.  We may discover that committing to this path of practice with our whole being, we have arrived at the destination; a life fully lived aligned with our greatest inspiration and vision. The path and the goal have become one.


Institute refers to community. The institute is a community aligned with a common vision, inquiry into universal questions, and traditional lineages married to modern approaches. We have the experience rooted in the ancient paths of martial arts, yoga, and meditation with the current cutting edge exploration in consciousness studies, conflict resolution and embodiment practices. The Institute is the structure that supports our communal evolution on the path of practice.

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Conscious Conflict Resolution Program

“…offering caregivers the understanding and skills necessary for resolving conflict in a way that allows the relationship to evolve and move from oppositional antagonism to a healthy relationship with common direction with patients, colleagues and hierarchy, and a centered relationship within the individual…”

“…The strength and intelligence to respond to aggression and conflict come from the confidence in the decision of being a caregiver and the intention to provide care… ”

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