The Conscious Practice Institute was formed from a group of dedicated and inspired professionals committed to bringing the profound discoveries of contemplative and transformative practices such as meditation, Aikido, Yoga, Japanese Tea Ritual, to the complex questions concerning Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Trauma debriefing and processing, Centering and Embodiment. Our staff has ranged from Psychiatrists, health professionals, mediators, to Aikido, Yoga and mediation teachers.

The link between being and action is consciousness. This is the context that we work in. Becoming more conscious of not only our actions but also our intention and creativity, we support a process of development and evolution within our field of study and work.

Patrick Cassidy founded the Conscious Practice Institute in 2011. 30 years ago, after 4 years studying Aeronautical Engineering in California, Patrick spent 7 years in Japan learning the art of Aikido fulltime.  During that period he also included meditation, yoga and the art of Japanese Tea Ceremony. After Japan, he spent a total of 4 years travelling through India, Nepal and Tibet, deepening his understanding of Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual practice.  His travels led him to studying with many of the foremost spiritual teachers in Asia. The next step led to founding his first Aikido, Yoga and Meditation school in California.   During his time in California he created conflict resolution, centering and health programs for the California State University, Pacific Insurance, Sandia National Laboratory, and other institutions.  After California, he moved to Switzerland to open with his wife Dominique, his second Aikido, Yoga and Meditation school.   After opening, they created the Conscious Practice Institute, which features the program, Conscious Conflict Resolution.  This program is specifically designed for caregivers in psychiatric institutions facing conflict and aggression in their daily work lives. Since Patrick’s arrival in Switzerland he has created team building and vision programs for Credit Agricole, Phillip Morris, and Swisscom.  He has worked with the University Hospital in Geneva to create a comprehensive violence management program for the whole staff.  The Institute has also offered Conscious Conflict Resolution programs with the Foundation Claire Magnin, Foundation Domus, and Haute Ecole de Sante, Valais (HES-SO).

He is currently working now with the Center for Psychiatry in Neuchatel, Foundation Nant and the Hospital in Valais, Monthey providing the program of Conscious Conflict Resolution for their caregivers. Besides being the Director of the Conscious Practice Institute, Patrick is currently a 6th degree black belt in Aikido, professional Yoga instructor, Meditation facilitator, personal and corporate coach, as well as a supervisor teacher of 19
Aikido schools worldwide.